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A Separate Peace: Finny - How Things Change In the novel "A Separate Peace," by John Knowles, a boy named Gene visits his high school 15 years after graduating in order to find an inner peace.

A Separate Peace Discussion Essay. In the novel A Separate Peace the friendship of Finny and Gene is very similar to that of any organization. First it should be made known that most organizations are a way of fitting in with people of similar interests, views, or goals.

Navigating this web site: Entries are not in alphabetical order but instead age order. New entries are added to the bottom of each section. Use the search function of. A+ Student Essay. What makes Finny unique?

How do those qualities affect his relationship with Gene? In A Separate Peace, the adult Gene Forrester examines his final years at the Devon School, particularly his complex relationship with his best friend, kellysquaresherman.com two boys are shown to have completely opposite perspectives on the world.

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