A biography of william lyon mackenzie king the greatest prime minister of canada

Desperate Canadians had to turn to governments when they had no other place to turn, first for food and shelter and then for any means to restore their hope. The unhealthy jail, set in a bog containing factory effluent, soon made Mackenzie very ill.

With party unity assured, King eagerly awaited the next election. King led the effort to raise a memorial to Harper, which resulted in the erection of the Sir Galahad statue on Parliament Hill in Thus he is one of the most documented and discussed and yet one of the most frequently misunderstood figures in Canadian history.

Roosevelt, Canadian PM W. Industrial consultant[ edit ] After his defeat, King went on the lecture circuit on behalf of the Liberal Party. Moreover, to his chagrin, many Canadian exiles, Rolph and Bidwell among them, would have nothing to do with him.

Electoral history of William Lyon Mackenzie King

The divided Cabinet was on the verge of collapse. This latter measure, which he reintroduced in later sessions, was one of those policies which, together with his sometimes impish, sometimes waspish behaviour, caused him to be regarded as eccentric.

He could read French but spoke it haltingly; the larger problem was more cultural than linguistic. This solution left him with a clear conscience but it still left the party largely dependent on undisclosed donations from private corporations.

They reported up through the Allied military structure — but also to Ottawa. Yet the very determination with which he attacked those he saw as enemies of Upper Canada was always fuelled by his desire to somehow make his adopted home a better place.

The depression brought regions and classes into conflict and encouraged demagogues to propose radical and unorthodox policies. See also Great Depression. For Isabel, marriage to John King, who went into law, held out some promise of financial security. Many of the volunteers had already left when the American government warned the expedition to abandon the island or be prosecuted as criminals.

The following month his mother, his greatest supporter through the many crises of his life, died. King, however, fought an aggressive campaign, nationally and in Prince Albert. He certainly did not compare favourably, at first glance, to the warlike and aggressive Adolf Hitler in Germany or Benito Mussolini in Italy, or the more stately American president, Franklin Roosevelt or, after Maythe pugnacious British prime minister, Winston Churchill.

Head, originally seen as a reforming governor, soon disagreed with the moderate Reformers, including Robert Baldwin and Rolph, whom he had appointed to the Executive Council; he quarrelled with the Reform majority in the assembly, dissolved the legislature, and personally campaigned against the Reformers in the ensuing election.

Mackenzie King and the War Effort

He rented a cottage on his property to the Pattesons and sometimes entertained foreign guests for lunch, but if he saw his colleagues or secretaries there it was only because he had asked them to make the trip to conduct business. The murderous and psychopathic Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union with an iron hand.

The Legislative Council refused to accept the dispatch; after a violent debate in the assembly the dispatch was only narrowly approved for printing.

The prairie premiers complained that federal reluctance to relinquish control of their natural resources was discriminatory. When he accepted the Rockefeller post, King had insisted on residing in Canada, and, in the election, he unsuccessfully contested North York as a Laurier Liberal.William Lyon Mackenzie King was born in Berlin (later renamed Kitchener), Ontario in His father was a lawyer and his maternal grandfather was William.

William Lyon Mackenzie King had a long political career. He was leader of the Liberal Party for 29 eventful years through the buoyant expansion of the s, the depression of the s, the shock of World War II, and then the post-war reconstruction, and for 21 of these years he was Canada’s prime minister.

The people of Canada do not wish as a result of mass immigration to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population. Large scale immigration from the Orient would change the fundamental composition of the Canadian population. King's greatest impact was as the political champion for the planning and development of Ottawa, Canada's national capital.

His plans, much of which were completed in the two decades after his death, was part of a century of federal planning that repositioned Ottawa as. William Lyon Mackenzie King became party leader in and two years later was elected prime minister, a position he retained for all but five years until his retirement in Under his leadership, the Liberals had some success in mediating French-English and regional differences.

William Lyon Mackenzie King, left, with his dog Pat III and his secretary Edouard Handy, in at the end of his reign. The various dogs named Pat played a big role in his life.

A biography of william lyon mackenzie king the greatest prime minister of canada
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